U.S. providing backup in push to retake Baiji, Anbar

A U.S. soldier stands guard at the Baiji refinery in August 2010. (AYMAN OGHANNA/Iraq Oil Report)

After four months of a deadly stalemate, Iraqi forces now appear on the offensive in the battle for Iraq's largest refinery.

Exports reverse three-month slide

Tankers loading on Iraq's southern export terminals in the Basra Gulf, the country's only export route. (ALI ABU IRAQ/Iraq Oil Report)

September was the third-highest month for oil exports in 2014, as Iraq's new oil minister sets his sights on removing infrastructure bottlenecks and other obstacles to development.

Basra negotiates Iran gas pipeline

Demonstrators chant slogans during a protest in Basra

A bilateral gas pipeline deal between Basra province and Iran could circumvent Baghdad's energy sector authority and conflict with UN sanctions.