UPDATE: KRG tanker unloads in Israel after abandoning US delivery

The view from the deck of the United Kalavryta, in this undated photo on the website of owner Marine Management Services M.C.

The KRG has given up its first attempt to sell independent pipeline exports to U.S. buyers, as the United Kalavryta is redirected to a port in Israel, and the American court has suspended proceedings.

  • Refugees from the town of al-Baghdadi in an Iraqi Air Force plane, as it arrives at the Ain al-Assad military base on Feb. 26, 2015. (STRINGER/Reuters)

    Anbar battle highlights IS challenge

    Elite Iraqi forces have repelled a siege by IS militants that threatened to choke transit routes to a base for U.S. military training and coordination.

  • An Iraqi army vehicle secures the Akkas gas field in the western desert of Iraq October 19, 2010. (ALI AL-MASHHADANI/Reuters)

    Security woes dash Iraq gas plans

    The rise of the IS group has taken the Akkas and Mansuriya projects offline indefinitely, stalling development at the foundation of Iraq's gas strategy.